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In this issue we take a look at the US Presidential Election, Dividends and Future Impact from COVID-19.
In this issue we take a look at Brexit, european markets and the coronavirus
In this issue we take a look at global markets as lockdowns begin to lift, The Bank of England and European Deflation.
In this issue we take a look at jobs, recession, central banks and a Bleak Outlook for Brazil.

UK News

People in the age group are being invited to book their first vaccine from this week.
Bennylyn Burke and two children had been missing from South Gloucestershire since 17 February.
The existing recommendations are based on out-of-date evidence, the Royal College of Nursing says.
Parents are confident about children returning to school but worry about catching up, says survey.
The Ministry of Defence names Sgt Gavin Hillier as the soldier killed in a training exercise.